Lamb Baaacon

Who said Bacon needs to be made from pork?

Welcome to a new taste experience and we like to call it Lamb Baaacon!

To make our Baaacon we use the loin of the lamb. Our Unsmoked bacon is cured with herbs and has a delicate sweetness too it.

Our Smoked Baaacon is cured the same way but then is smoked to add an extra depth of flavour. This is fantastic on its own in a Baaacon sandwich or you can add it to our Gelston Lamb Burger to make an ultimate burger!


Approx Weight 140g

Lamb Baaacon


All our lamb is born and raised on our farm in Gelston on our species rich pastures in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. Our lamb is hung for 7-10 days so it can mature which helps it develop its depth of flavour and increases tenderness.