Boned and Rolled Leg Joint

Nothing beats a leg of lamb. This has been boned and rolled for easy carving. Full of robust and delicious flavour, this wonderfully tender joint is perfect for Sunday lunch and a real family favourite. For a real show-stopper, we recommend making some slits in the side and stuffing with rosemary and garlic.


Easy Carving 

Whole Boned and Rolled Leg Joint Approx 1.9kg

Half Boned and Rolled Leg Joint Approx 950g

Boned and Rolled Leg Joint

Whole or Half?

All our lamb is born and raised on our farm in Gelston on our species rich pastures in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. Our lamb is hung for 7-10 days so it can mature which helps it develop its depth of flavour and increases tenderness.  

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